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InFocus Games Joins Enjin Spark Program

by Monica Padillo

InFocus Games, the DApp game developer behind Pathfinders and Clash of the Aces, has joined the Enjin Spark adapter program to partly help players use digital assets obtained from one game across other games of different platforms or genres.

According to the announcement, InFocus aims to achieve a multi-dimensional and gaming environment through EverVerse, a project that is similar to Enjin’s Blockchain Gaming Multiverse.

Enjin’s Multiverse initially consists of seven DApp games: Age of Rust, 9Lives Arena, CryptoFights, War of Crypto, Bitcoin Hodler, and Forest Knight, and Cats in Mechs. Players of those blockchain games can use their multiverse items across different gaming realms.

EverVerse will be available for Pathfinders and Clash of the Aces, as well as for InFocus’ future blockchain games.

The DApp game development company also joined the Enjin Spark program to give players the chance to enjoy a rewarding and fun gaming experience, as well as acquire complete ownership over their assets.

Lastly, InFocus joined Enjin’s ecosystem for its community, roadmap, and current work progress.

Enjin developed the Spark program to support DApp game studios by giving them development tools, helping them build their communities, and promoting their works.