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Good Luck 3 Raises $100K in Crowdfunding Campaign

by Monica Padillo

Good Luck 3, the game developer behind Ethereum-based DApp game Crypto-Oink, has raised raised 10,000,000 JPY ($100,000 USD) in a crowdfunding campaign hosted through fundraising service Fundinno.

According to the announcement, Good Luck 3 will use the earned funds to improve its blockchain projects, which include 3D simulation DApp game Crypt-Oink and blockchain-based entertainment platform RAKUN.

Last November, the Japanese game developer organized an initial exchange offering for the platform, which is designed to reward users for consuming and contributing content and engaging with other users in the community, among other things.

Users can exchange their earned RAKUN tokens for in-game assets and exclusive content within Good Luck 3’s range of DApp games such as Crypt-Oink.

Good Luck 3 first implemented RAKUN through blog and social media service Oinkbook, which is linked to Crypt-Oink. Players of the DApp game can earn points when they receive positive feedback from the creating content such as reviews, strategies, and hints.

Starting 2020, players can convert their earned points from the DApp game into RAKU tokens.