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WAX Develops Crypto Wallet for DApps, Blockchain Games

by Monica Padillo

Worldwide Asset eXchange has launched a cryptocurrency wallet designed to help users easily access and directly sign cryptographic transactions on Ethereum and EOS-based DApps and blockchain games.

William Quigley, co-founder of WAX, said in the announcement that introducing the WAX Cloud Wallet is part of the blockchain platform’s effort in helping more users easily onboard into DApps.

Users can easily create an account by logging in to their accounts on Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media sites.

The wallet also promises to implement a convenient but secure system of managing users’ credentials and digital assets, as well as help developers seamlessly build DApps on WAX using WAX Service Layer services.

WAX initially integrated the WAX Cloud Wallet with Prospectors, an EOS-based massive multiplayer online real-time economic strategy DApp game.

“The WAX Cloud Wallet is a big deal for dApp developers like Prospectors because we believe we can attract the billions of non-blockchain savvy users who might want to try out your dApp but just don’t want to deal with the blockchain technical details,” said Nazar Chervinskiy, CEO of Prospectors.