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Axie Infinity Adds Improvements in Game Marketplace

by Monica Padillo

Fantasy-themed DApp game Axie Infinity has added improvements in its asset marketplace as part of an effort to grow its ecosystem.

According to the announcement, some of the developments made on Axie’s marketplace include consolidating Axie, land, and item markets in a single site, speeding up load times, refining account management, and enabling body shape filtering.

The marketplace now also allows players to search for Axies according to stats, breed count, and specific body parts.

In the future, Axie Infinity plans to bring bundles, sales history for individual items, and offers on Axies into the marketplace to give players a seamless gaming experience.

“This launch is the first step in ensuring that volume in our ecosystem multiplies exponentially in the coming years by bringing greater liquidity, price discovery, and item ownership to our community,” the DApp game noted.

Last November, Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis raised $1,465,000 in a financing round to further enhance the pet collecting DApp game and potentially create more DApps.

The DApp game developer also expressed plans of launching a mobile app of Axie Infinity in early 2020 as a way of introducing the “play to earn” model to a wider audience of blockchain users.