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Battle Racers to Hold Exclusive Sale for CryptoKitties-Themed Parts and Crates

Car racing DApp game Battle Racers will hold an exclusive sale of CryptoKitties parts and limited edition crates and parts on Dec. 11, 7PM EST.

According to the announcement, only 1,200 pre-minted, Season 1 Edition CryptoKitties-themed car parts, a number sufficient enough to create 200 complete cars, will be made available during the sale.

All of the CryptoKitties parts that will be sold have 1.5 percent chance to be Elite.

Meanwhile, the limited edition CryptoKitties crate, which include two random parts from the RoboKitty set, will be priced at 0.1 ETH each, with a limit of three crates per wallet address.

CryptoKitties breeders can use a Battle Racers Kitty Trick from Driver-classified cats to own crates.

In order to participate in the sale, interested users are required to at least one CryptoKitty in their MetaMask wallet.

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