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My Crypto Heroes to Hold Hero Sale for Tezuka Productions Characters

Starting today, My Crypto Heroes will be holding a three-week sale of blockchain-based, pixelated versions of popular Tezuka Productions characters such as Astro Boy, Buddha, and Sarutahiko.

According to the announcement, Astro Boy and Buddha characters will be of Epic rarity while the Sarutahiko character will be of Uncommon rarity.

Extension characters such as Phoenix, Leo, Unico, Robita, and Patch Gourd will be made available to My Crypto Heroes players by clearing enemies in the Osamushi node, which starts this month.

The sale is a collaboration between My Crypto Heroes and Tezuka Productions, as reported by

Also under the partnership, Tezuka Productions character Pluto will be part of My Crypto Heroes as the next Raid Boss.

My Crypto Heroes is a HTML5 worker-placement role-playing DApp game that lets players collect and train characters, which are based on historical figures in real life such as Joan of Arc, Albert Einstein, Marie Antoinette, and Karl Marx.

Players can also obtain special and legendary items, form teams, and join battles to conquer the crypto world.

My Crypto Heroes is developed by Japanese blockchain gaming company double

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