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Several EOS-Based Blockchain Projects Migrate to WAX

by Monica Padillo

Several blockchain projects working on EOS have started migrating to Worldwide Asset eXchange to take advantage of the video gaming platform’s range of offerings.

According to the announcement, the blockchain projects that have moved to WAX include DApp gaming platform ITAM Games, blockchain games Dark Country and Chain Clash, and decentralized social network KARMA.

ITAM Games, in particular, is working on migrating all of its in-game digital assets such as Dungeon Princess, Blue Dawn, Dark Town, and Darkside Dungeon from EOS to WAX.

The blockchain projects considered the success of Prospector’s launch of Yukon lands on WAX, as well as the system congestion in EOS as the reasons why they moved to WAX.

WAX also believes that its login and customer onboarding process, staking rewards, number of block producers, and governance model are what attracted the blockchain projects to integrate with the platform.

“We therefore decided to move our entire portfolio of in-game digital assets to WAX in order to deliver fast and free digital asset transactions while dramatically simplifying the onboarding process — no crypto knowledge is required,” said ITAM Games CEO Asung Gil.