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Battle Racers Opens Registration for First Early Access Tournament

Car racing DApp game Battle Racers has opened registration for its first Early Access tournament, which will take place today at 9a.m. EST / 3p.m. CET / 10p.m GMT+8.

According to the announcement, interested players are required to join Battle Racers’ official discover server to be updated with the instructions of the tournament. 

Players also need to submit their Early Access display name and ETH address at 7a.m. EST/ 1p.m. CET/8p.m. GMT+8, as well as own a minimum of one Battle Racers Season 1 Crate to join.

Over $1,000 worth of prizes will be offered to the winners of the competition.

The rest of the game mechanics can be viewed here:

Battle Racers is a virtual car racing arcade game developed by Altitude Games for the Decentraland platform. It allows players to model and race digital cars on arcade-sized tracks.

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