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DappRadar: Ethereum Remains Most Significant Smart Contract Blockchain in 2019

DApp data provider DappRadar has ruled in its recently released DApp industry review that Ethereum generally remains the most significant smart contract blockchain in 2019.

As stated in the report, Ethereum continuously became the top blockchain with the most number of active dapps deployed throughout the year. 

DappRadar also recognized the network for its depth of development community, user and value growth, and progress in nurturing DApps in the following categories: DeFi, exchanges, games, and gambling and high-risk.

Additionally, Ethereum saw a 118 percent increase of unique active wallets that interacted across all Ethereum-based DApps by mid-December due to the popularity of blockchain games such as double’s My Crypto Heroes.

Ethereum’s games and marketplaces categories also grew in terms of daily activity because of new and existing Ethereum-based DApp games such as CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity, and Blockchain Cuties, as well as game developers’ interest in the blockchain for its ownership rules and trading of non-fungible tokens.

Meanwhile, Ethereum paced slowly in the gambling and high-risk category due to slow block times and the network’s gas fee charges per transition.

The DeFi category of the blockchain experienced growth in the value of secured assets despite the small number of users, manifesting its progress in the exchange category.

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