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MegaCryptoPolis Unveils Development Plans in 2020

by Monica Padillo

Decentralized city builder DApp game MegaCryptoPolis 3D has unveiled a new scheme that includes its development plans and potential offerings in 2020.

According to the announcement, one of MegaCryptoPolis’ core focus this year is launching a mobile app version of the game as a way of reaching a wider audience.

The DApp game will also resume its expansion into TRON at the start of the year as part of its Multi-Chain expansion plan, which was unveiled in July 2019.

The TRON version of the game will possibly allow players to use TRX to trade game assets, pay citizens, avail services in Commercial buildings, and offer an insurance fund for cases of natural disasters.

Another one of the DApp’s major plans in 2020 is introducing Special buildings, which are a new type of building that can be constructed after users acquire 6×4 land plot fields and various resources.

MegaCryptoPolis’ other improvement plans are:

  • Launching a daily digest that will provide data about the game’s deals and listings, tokens production, districts and budget flows
  • Letting players send any token across different blockchains within the MegaCryptoPolis multiverse through the Airport feature
  • Updating its website to highlight its plans and feature educational content for new users
  • Allowing players to boost their property market listings for a small fee 
  • Giving new players a Free Citizen with all-1 Points qualifications and minimal Stamina
  • Providing a redesigned tutorial to educate new users about the basics of the crypto wallets, signing transactions, and tracking results in the DApp game
  • Expanding its fiat gateway integrations
  • Allowing the placement of advertisements on Office and Commercial buildings (only Huge and Mega — 6 and 7 levels) and branding of Districts
  • Enabling Avatar Mode, which will allow players to use a unique avatar to interact in the game such as walking down streets and communicating with other players
  • Permitting players to customize their buildings with exclusive paints, street art and graffiti