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ITAM Games to Launch Online Version of Dungeon Princess Next Week

ITAM Games has announced via Twitter that it will launch an online version of role-playing DApp game Dungeon Princess next week.

The pixel art-style blockchain game, which was initially released as a single-player game for Android and iOS devices, will be updated to enable players to play, trade, and transact with other players.

ITAM Games has provided a pre-registration link for both Android and iOS device users who are interested in trying Dungeon Princess.

Dungeon Princess is a RPG DApp game that follows a tag system similar to those of old-school arcade games. It consists of 12 characters, each of which are customizable and equipped with unique skills and abilities.

Players of the blockchain game can acquire digital assets by simply playing the game, trade their assets on the NFT Farm exchange, and earn cryptocurrency by selling their items.

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