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Splinterlands Unveils Balance Updates, Plans for Mobile Version

by Monica Padillo

Spliterlands, a fantasy-themed digital collectible multiplayer card DApp game, will begin implementing several balance updates on Jan. 8.

According to the announcement, Splinterlands will be making changes to a couple of its cards such as the Prince Julian, Fire Spitter, Serpentine Mystic ones.

The Prince Julian card’s -1 Health debuff will be removed to reduce its power as the win rate for it has become too high. The Fire Spitter card will no longer possess the Redemption ability, while the Slow ability will replace the Serpentine Mystic card’s Weaken ability.

Splinterlands will also reduce the damage done to monsters with the Redemption ability from 2 to 1 as the ability was discovered to be too powerful.

Additionally, the DApp game will add a sorting option in order to help players seamlessly search for particular cards. The cards can be sorted according to foil, mana cost, rarity, attack type, edition, ability, and the latest date of use.

Lastly, Splinterlands noted that it will resume its work on launching an alpha version of the blockchain game for mobile devices this year.