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TRON Reaches Milestone of Hosting 100,000th Cutie From Blockchain Cuties

The TRON version of crypto collectible DApp game Blockchain Cuties has reached the milestone of hosting its 100,000th Cutie last weekend.

The blockchain platform is already hosting 101,912 Cuties as of Jan. 8.

“We launched TRON at the end of the last year, and if the development happened lineally, we would have more than 8 thousand Cutie births every month,” Blockchain Cuties said in the announcement , “But it’s more like a steady population explosion, which is even more exciting”.

TRON’s 100,000th Cutie was developed by Blockchain Cutie player Tottallou.

The DApp game added that the blockchain will possibly reach its next Cutie milestone in the coming months if developments continue rapidly.

Blockchain Cuties joined the TRON community in December 2018 as the first crypto-collectible game on the blockchain network.

In December 2019, the DApp game became one of the first TRON DApps to be launched on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

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