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The Sandbox Discloses Planned Game Development Features in 2020

by Monica Padillo

The Sandbox, a blockchain-based gaming platform where users can create voxel assets, has unveiled that it plans to improve its Game Maker feature allow players to begin terraforming, place assets from the marketplace, and create dioramas.

According to the announcement, the Sandbox will be launching more features into its platform this 2020 such as visual scripting, which is expected to help users create game experiences and give properties to their game entities.

The blockchain gaming platform noted that users can begin planning their experience before the Game Maker public release is launched.

The Sandbox added that the next rounds of its LAND pre-sale event, which will resume in the first quarter of 2020, will include LANDS enhanced with new features suggested by users based on the first LAND pre-sale.

Lastly, the Sandbox disclosed that the official release of voxel development software VoxEdit will open up a range of tools and features that users of the DApp gaming platform can utilize in creating and animating voxel assets, which they can, in turn, monetize.

“With the improved version that will soon be released, experienced artists will find familiar and advanced tools that will enable them to create high-quality assets, at the same time that those who are new to Voxel art will encounter intuitive features that will help them begin creating,” the Sandbox said.