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Cogito Launches Autonomous Blockchain Game Horseman GO

by Monica Padillo

Hong Kong-based entertainment studio Cogito has launched a self-operational and self-managing DApp game called Horseman GO.

According to a report by Blockchain News, the autonomous horse racing blockchain game is deployed on the EOS blockchain because of the network’s smart contract functionalities, which Cogito believes could serve Horseman GO’s autonomous mechanism.

“As the first game of its kind, Horseman GO proposes an innovative model of gameplay, distinguished by a self-functioning economy determined for players by the players themselves,” Cogito Founder Kevin Yu said.

Yu added that the Chinese gaming studio will work to foster an ecosystem where players can participate in the development of the game and builds on community inclusion and accountability for its growth.

Upon joining Horseman GO, players are given a ranch, which they need to improve to increase its sightseeing value and attract visitors, according to the game’s whitepaper.

Depending on their focus, visitors can leave funds, rare rewards or extra gifts to players after visiting their ranch.

Players can also enter their racehorses in a player vs. player races, which are funded by the game’s Jockey Club, the central wallet that holds all the earnings and assets of players in the game.

Another core feature of the game is horse breeding. Players can improve the comprehensive abilities of their racehorses. New racehorses will possess some of their parents’ attributes, as well as have optimized genes.