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Wowoo Releases Beta Version of Wowoo Platform

by Monica Padillo

Wowoo has released the beta version of its Wowoo Platform, designed to help users without programming knowledge to generate their own tokens and experience the first step of the Smart Active Control system.

Through the launch of Wowoo Platform’s beta version, Wowoo aims to introduce all individuals to the token economy which will then help enhance the spread of the economy, the company said in its announcement.

Wowoo explained that the final version of the SAC system can manage token generation and control its various rights including but not limited to transfer rights, exercise rights, recreating rights, escrow, burn, and mint.

Complete necessary elements for ICO/STO will also be available in Wowoo Platform, including token distribution plan such as lockup.

Wowoo noted that it foresees a future where anybody can create their own tokens and send them across various web services such as social networking channels as a form of payment or gratitude. 

“Wowoo Platform is designed to support this trend as a one-stop solution, and will keep evolving because the potential of blockchain as a technology and smart contracts are endless,” Wowoo added.

Interested users can register for the beta version of Wowoo Platform here. Users can also watch a brief tutorial on how to generate tokens here.

In other news, Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong is set to launch its WWX trading services tomorrow, Jan. 15, at 5pm HKT.

The launch was supposed to take place on Dec. 28, 2019, but was rescheduled due to system errors caused by maintenance and upgrading.

Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong assures that, despite the delay in WWX trading services and temporary unavailability of platform trading services due to its bug fixing release, it had been diligently working on problem solving and server upgrade to ensure users have a pleasant trading journey tomorrow.