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Token News Blockchain Council to Host ‘Cloud Storage Service x Blockchain’ Lecture in Osaka

Token News Blockchain Council will be hosting a lecture on Jan. 31 about the connection between cloud storage services and blockchain technology, FX trading, and staking asset management.

The lecture will introduce how cloud storage devices using the IPFS and Filecoin systems will have an impact on the market in the future.

The schedule of the event will be as follows:

  • 6:30 p.m. –  Start of reception
  • 7:00 p.m. – Greetings from the president of the association
  • 7:05 p.m. – Start of lecture
  • 8:55 – End of lecture
  • 9:00 – End

The contents of the event are:

1. Cloud Storage Service x Blockchain

  • IPFS and Filecon systems adopting new blockchain technology enters the cloud storage service industry
  • Speaker: Mr. Sing, Director of Datalink Korea

2. Virtual currency trading – Introduction to FX trading

  • Easy explanation in discussion format from active traders
  • Speaker: Mr. Doi, Representative of Blue Eagle Japan LLC (GK)

3. Virtual currency trend – What is staking asset management?

  • Seasonal trend information about the possibility of gaining assets simply by owning crypto assets
  • Speaker: Mr. Kan, Mining Data Lab Co., Ltd.

4. Recruitment of Council Members

The lecture will take place at the Singularity Hive co-working space in Yuuseihukushi Shinsaibashi Building Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. 

Interested participants can register for the event HERE. Tickets purchased in advance cost ¥ 1,000. Tickets purchased on the day of the lecture cost ¥ 2,000.

Participants are encouraged to attend the social gathering that will be held after the lecture. A separate fee will be charged to those who wish to participate in the social gathering.


Nowadays, there are many people who enjoy social networking sites or SNS and YouTube video services every day on their smartphones around the world,and now they are indispensable to life.

In order for users to use these services comfortably, it is most important to build an infrastructure that can store large amounts of data on the cloud. 

However, as of today, cloud infrastructure providers such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon or GAFA (dropbox, iCloud, Google drive, etc.) are expanding their storage space in their own data centers, but their investments are not enough. 

Under these circumstances, 5G services have been launched in recent years, and it is expected that the data traffic volume in the future will increase dramatically to a million times in 30 years from now. So the services that have been provided to users for free until now have turned into services that require payment, and this is a field where growth can be expected as a new infrastructure business. (Included in announcement of SoftBank World 2019’s president) 

So, the demand is expected to increase in the future, and technicians who think that this storage industry is going to change and realize that there is a big business opportunity, also engineers of the blockchain have started to develop a new file system. 

The lecture will introduce how storage devices using the IPFS and Filecoin systems will have an impact on the market in the future. Please look forward to it.

Monica Monica

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