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The Sandbox Partners With NonFungible.com

by Monica Padillo

The Sandbox, a blockchain-based gaming platform where users can create voxel assets, has partnered with blockchain gaming database NonFungible.com.

According to the announcement, the partnership includes NonFungible.com hosting listings of The Sandbox markets, upcoming user generated content or UGC non-fungible tokens, and upcoming LANDS for LAND pre-sale rounds.

To fulfill its end of the agreement, The Sandbox will disclose contents and analysis to its community, as well as organize contests to offer LAND to the blockchain gaming database’s users.

Also under the partnership, The Sandbox will be listed on NonFungible.com.

NonFungible.com is a database established to track all NFT marketplaces on Ethereum

Its goals include enhancing mass adoption of NFTs as useful products, providing transparency to the NFT market, and helping projects gather market reports, analysis, and marketing opportunities.

The site was launched in 2018 to initially track real-time transactions of Decentraland.

The Sandbox recently partnered with CryptoWars developer Experimental to jointly promote blockchain to mainstream players.

Experimental will be entitled to a piece of Estate in the blockchain gaming platform in the next rounds of The Sandbox’s pre-sale event.