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The Sandbox to Help Expand Game Making Opportunities for SBS Game Academy Students

by Monica Padillo

Blockchain-based gaming platform The Sandbox will begin working with SBS Game Academy in South Korea to educate game development students about using permissionless and decentralized systems for their creations.

According to the announcement, The Sandbox will be collaborating particularly with SBS Sinchon Campus, which teaches indie game development to about 400 students, in the creation of a curriculum around The Sandbox Game Maker.

Students from SBS Sinchon Campus will be taught how to utilize The Sandbox Game Maker feature to publish their content and monetize their game experiences in the future.

Also under the partnership, SBS Game Academy will market The Sandbox in their future contests and events that will feature VoxEdit and The Sandbox Game Maker.

The Sandbox will take advantage of the collaboration to expand its community of game developers and users in South Korea, as well as encourage game development students to participate as contributors for the platform’s metaverse.

Sebastien Borget, chief operating officer and co-founder of The Sandbox, said:

We are very excited to have SBS Game Academy provide the infrastructure and curriculum to prepare their students to the future of game making—they are truly forward thinking and ready to see what comes beyond the current market trends.

He added that SBS Game Academy students will be the first to benefit from The Sandbox metaverse’s virtual playground completely made and owned by creators.

SBS Game Academy is one of the major institutions in South Korea that teaches various courses about game development, including game illustration, game programming, game engine, game graphics, game planning, game business studies, webtoons, game scenario, and web novels.