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F1 Delta Time “China Edition 2019 Azure Dragon” Auction (UPDATE)

by Monica Padillo

F1 Delta Time, an Ethereum-based blockchain game run by Animoca Brands, has unveiled updates about its China Edition 2019 Azure Dragon car, which will be put on auction on Jan. 23 in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

According to the announcement, the latest F1 collectible car is one of the DApp game’s “Four Guardians” race cars, which are based on the four Chinese mythological creatures that are said to be the guardians of the four cardinal directions.

The Azure Dragon is said to represent the East direction and the season of spring.

The F1 China Edition 2019 Azure Dragon car’s black and azure livery is decorated with two gold dragons holding square-holed Chinese coins that are said to represent great wealth for the car’s owner.

All of the “Four Guardians” race cars are designated in the Apex rarity and power level, which is the most scarce classification among F1 Delta Time’s virtual racing cars.

The rest of the “Four Guardians” race cars, called “White Tiger”, “Black Tortoise”, and “Vermillion Bird”, will be unveiled soon.

The auction for the China Edition 2019 Azure Dragon car is part of Animoca Brands’ Chinese New Year Red Packet Giveaway, which will run from Jan. 23 to Jan. 31.

Animoca Brands previously hosted auctions for four unique Formula 1 cars: the Japan Edition 2019 car, the 1-1-1 car, Monaco Edition 2019 car, and France Edition 2019 car.

The Japan Edition 2019 car was sold for 91.51 ETH, the 1-1-1 car for 415.9 ETH, the Monaco Edition 2019 car for 108 ETH, and France Edition 2019 car for 96.6 ETH.