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Battle Racers Unveils Q1 2020 Development Roadmap

by Monica Padillo

Battle Racers, a car racing blockchain game developed for Decentraland, has unveiled its development roadmap for the first quarter of 2020 in preparation for the launch of Decentraland in February.

According to the announcement, Battle Racers will begin allowing players to transfer car parts from and to Matic Network, trade Season 1 and CryptoKitties car parts on OpenSea, and save loadouts through an enhanced inventory page and a new car assembly feature.

As part of its collaboration with RPG DApp game Neon District, Battle Racers will also activate the undercarriage lighting effect for players who simultaneously own a Body from any of the special car sets and a Legendary Radiant Blade from Neon District.

The car racing blockchain game will additionally work on creating mechanics for earning scrap and destroying or upgrading car parts, launching races where players can earn and trade medals for supply crate rewards, and permitting players to trade crates purchased from previous sales.

Lastly, Battle Racers is looking into enabling various systems where players can try different test drive cars each week, record race history, and trade tokenized cars on OpenSea.

Battle Racers is a virtual car racing arcade game developed by Altitude Games for the Decentraland platform. It allows players to model and race digital cars on arcade-sized tracks.