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Brave Frontier Heroes Releases Info for First Unit Sale

by Monica Padillo

Brave Frontier Heroes, an upcoming RPG blockchain game developed by Double jump.tokyo, has released information about its first unit sale, which will run from Jan. 30 to Feb. 10.

According to the announcement, the first unit sale, which will follow the Dutch auction system, will include six types of Rare level characters, six types of Epic level characters, and four types of Legendary level characters.

Rare level characters can be purchased at an initial price of 500 ZEL, Epic level characters at 2,000 ZEL, and Legendary characters at 20,000 ZEL.

Photo: Brave Frontier Heroes

Character units will not be put on sale again once the first unit sale has ended or all of the available units have been sold.

Brave Frontier Heroes will release “Limited Legendary” characters, which will cost between the price range of 50,000 ZEL and 100,000 ZEL, on Feb. 22.

Interested players can purchase ZEL with Ethereum (1 ETH = 10,000 ZEL).

Brave Frontier Heroes is an upcoming blockchain-based version of popular Japanese mobile role-playing game Brave Frontier.

The new Ethereum-based DApp game will adopt the same gameplay and pixel art graphics as MyCryptoHeroes.

Double jump.tokyo developed Brave Frontier Heroes with Japanese game development studio Alim under the MCH+ blockchain partnership program, a four-course program that seeks to support developers in the creation of blockchain games using Double jump.tokyo’s knowledge and resources such as the game engine of MyCryptoHeroes.