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Crypt-Oink Discloses Game Updates and Plans in 2020

by Monica Padillo

Crypt-Oink, a simulation DApp game developed by Japanese firm Good Luck 3 on the Ethereum blockchain, has disclosed a array of updates regarding its gameplay and plans in the coming months.

According to the announcement, the Crypt-Oink team will possibly decrease the number of new Crypton types, special breeding events, and smaller updates for the blockchain game as it releases new game titles.

The DApp game hinted that its next game will be “Battle Royale” type of mobile game where players can bring in their favorite NFTs and fight each other until there is one last NFT standing.

Crypt-Oink also said that it will soon be integrating RAKUN VIP. Players with new RAKU tokens will be eligible to receive special Crypton, in-game items and courses.

The blockchain game is also working on getting the RAKUN token listed on several crypto exchanges. Trading of RAKUN will potentially roll out in the first half of 2020.

RAKUN is a blockchain-based entertainment platform developed by Good Luck 3.

The platform is designed to reward users with RAKUN tokens for participating in various activities such as consuming and contributing content and engaging with other users in the community.

Users can exchange their earned RAKUN tokens for in-game assets and exclusive content within Good Luck 3’s blockchain games such as Crypt-Oink.

RAKUN seeks to lead gamers into a novel game economy through blockchain, as well as increase the value of RAKUN tokens by circulating and taking advantage of them within games.