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The Sandbox Integrates DAI Under Partnership With MakerDAO

by Monica Padillo

The Sandbox, a blockchain-based gaming platform where users can create voxel assets, has agreed to integrate the U.S. dollar-pegged DAI stablecoin in its marketplace as part of a newly formed partnership with MakerDAO.

According to the announcement, the partnership includes The Sandbox developing a gaming platform called Dai City, which is expected to enable the creation of buildings and decorations related to Maker and DAI.

Dai City will also potentially be used as a social meeting point where Maker community members can meet up and chat.

The collaboration additionally enables Maker to claim stakes in The Sandbox metaverse.

The Sandbox has formed several partnerships so far in 2020. It recently teamed up with TokenPocket to provide a user-friendly mobile wallet for its Japan-based audience, and eventually its users worldwide.

It also agreed to collaborate with SBS Game Academy in South Korea to educate game development students about using permissionless and decentralized systems for their creations.