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CryptowarriorZ Launches Open Beta Version on Matic

by Monica Padillo

Blockchain-based mining role-playing game CryptowarriorZ has launched the open beta version of its platform on Matic Network’s beta mainnet.

According to the announcement, the open beta version includes enabling users to acquire CZ tokens and trade ERC-721 non-fungible token items prior to the 3D blockchain game’s final launch on Matic’s full mainnet.

CryptowarriorZ also expressed plans to launch several features on the platform such as an Airdrop system, cryptowarrior item trading system, and the Time-Reward system, which involves tipping players based on the time they spent to play general or non-blockchain games inside its ecosystem.

The Time-Reward system will be implemented using the GNB protocol.

Additionally, CryptowarriorZ announced that it will be listed on a Korean exchange on Feb. 26, as well as marketed in Korea and overseas.

CryptowarriorZ is a 3D mobile DApp game set in a medieval period that lets players kill monsters, mine minerals, and receive rewards by operating mines.

According to its whitepaper, the game has five different minerals that are randomly generated in mining areas. The more scarce the mineral, the higher the reward that players will receive.

Players can increase their mining capabilities by enhancing their pickaxe, reduce the mineral general cycle, invite a friend, kill monsters, or collect coupons that guarantee better rewards.