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Decentraland Initiates Modifications Before Public Launch

by Monica Padillo

The team behind Decentraland has disclosed the various modifications it made to the Ethereum-based virtual reality platform prior to its official public launch, which is set on Feb. 20.

According to the announcement, the Decentraland team made necessary modifications for the four-day Treasure Hunt, an upcoming event where players will be tasked to find collectible non-fungible tokens and tokens from various crypto partners in the blockchain VR platform’s Genesis City.

They are also working on implementing player onboarding and tutorial, real-time airdrops of tokens, and other features.

Aside from the Treasure Hunt, the Decentraland team has fixed more than 20 bugs, as well as improved certain features such as allowing users to check other players’ profile and NFTs and go to a random parcel or a point of interest through /goto random and /goto magic chat commands.

Planned changes to the blockchain platform include modifications to login flow using web 3, decentralized communications among peers, storage, transfer and synchronization mechanism for the decentralized content service, and decentraland node hosting.

The public launch of Decentraland on Feb. 20 will include the establishment of the Decentraland DAO and full decentralization of the world’s infrastructure.

It will also give users full access to Decentraland’s metaverse.