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DappRadar: Blockchain Games Sustain an Average 75% Retention Rate in 2019

by Monica Padillo

DApp data provider DappRadar recently disclosed in an analysis report that blockchain games have sustained an average 75% retention rate in 2019.

The report notes that blockchain games running on Ethereum, in particular, were able to build their retention rates in 2019 better compared to games built on top of other blockchain platforms because they have been live longer.

They were also able to maintain a high retention rate due to their interaction with the Ethereum blockchain. Some of the games mentioned in DappRadar’s report are MyCryptoHeroes , 0xUniverse, Blockchain Cuties, CryptoDozer, and HyperSnakes.

MyCryptoHeroes specifically maintained a steady retention rate in the second half of 2019, peaking at 89%, due to its efforts in iterative product improvement and community development.

Meanwhile, DApp games running on the EOS blockchain were seen to have less feature maturity and activity, which was due to the systemic EIDOS airdrop that caused a network congestion on EOS.

DappRadar, however, mentioned that some blockchain games did learn to build strong regular retention features such as daily, weekly and monthly rewards, and VIP subscription models based on non-blockchain games.

The DApp data provider said that it expects to see the blockchain gaming sector increase their retention rates during 2020.

DappRadar notes:

Certainly, all developers operating games with a retention rate of less than 50% need to think very seriously about their products. Even those with rates in the mid-60s need to have a coherent plan to increase this above 75%, as demonstrated by the likes of My Crypto Heroes and CryptoDozer.

Aside from the five Ethereum-based blockchain games mentioned above, DappRadar also monitored the performance of four EOS-based games (EOS Knights, EOS Dynasty, Prospectors, Crypto Sword & Magic) and one Ontology-based game (HyperDragons Go).

DappRadar also considered the monthly retention of unique active wallets on a per-game basis for the report.