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Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong Unveils Timeline and Plans in 2020

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Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong has unveiled its timeline and plans in 2020, as well as those for its strategic partners Wowoo Exchange Singapore, Wowoo Exchange Labuan, and WWX Team.

The exchange’s plans are as follows:


  • Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong listed WWX Token and other major tokens, as well as offered WWX/BTC and WWX/USDT trading pairs. The Virtual Assets Deposit Plans for WWX was launched and is still available for subscription.


  • Wowoo Exchange Singapore (WES) will be notifying the Monetary Authority of Singapore that they will be applying for the Payment Services Act (PSA) License under the activity of operating a Digital Payment Token (DPT) platform. This will allow WES to operate as usual until the license is granted. The license application is expected to take approximately six months until WES is granted a license.
  • Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong will also roll out mass marketing in Hong Kong and Greater China Area about their services and brand name through effective community management and various promotion programs such as permissible online campaigns. The exchange will also start preparing the SFC Sandbox application for its crypto exchange business by enhancing its platform functions and performance to follow SFC requirements. As an SFC licensed exchange, it will be able to offer the full range of token business including STO generally regulated under the securities laws into the other tokens. Further technical development of the exchange will be implemented since this month to improve system performance and integrity.
  • The WWX project team will be in discussion with the three regional exchange partners (HK, SG, Labuan) on the next stage of WWX utility development. More utility cases will be accomplished on Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong through technical efforts in the coming months and be expanded to other exchange partners on which the utilities can be applied later. Moreover, the team will seek other popular non-Wowoo exchanges for listing as well to enhance the scope of acceptance targeting globalization of the WWX token.


  • Wowoo Exchange Labuan is planned to enter the first phase of exchange launch and kickstart the preliminary user onboarding under the regulatory procedures. Wowoo Exchange Labuan will also be looking to get the provisional STO licenses. 
  • To enlarge the exchange’s user base and enrich users’ trading experience, the business development team of Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong will begin to negotiate with token project partners of potential and quality for their listing.


  • Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong will introduce its mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. This is expected to empower all Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong users to be on the go with almost all functions similar to the web-based platform, allowing them to manage their accounts and trade anywhere and anytime they want.


  • WWX will be listed on Wowoo Exchange Labuan. Wow Exchange Labuan will be joining Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong and WWX Team to boost the trading volume of WWX. The airdrop integration will be completed on Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong for promotion in its target markets.


  • WWX will be listed on UZNEX, which is led by blockchain technology consulting agency Kobea Group. UZNEX is the first and only crypto exchange licensed by the Uzbekistan Government. The WWX Team and Wowoo Exchange have established a solid partnership with the Kobea Group on pushing Kobea Project forward. This collaboration will not only progress the crypto exchange industry and STO market in Uzbekistan but also lead Asia’s trend of the global digital economy.


  • WWX will be listed on Bit-Z Malaysia (Bit-M). Trusted by Wowoo Exchange, Bit-Z Malaysia is a South East Asia-based leading digital asset trading exchange. Bit-Z Malaysia will cooperate with Wowoo Exchange and WWX Team on strategic planning for market expansion in Asia and liquidity generation.
  • Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong will also launch its own referral program, which will be beneficial for brand building and more customer acquisition. By inviting friends to register accounts and trade on Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong, users and their friends will share a certain percentage of their trading fees as referral commission. This will enable the Wowoo Exchange Community to grow bigger and bigger, contributing more and more liquidity for the exchange. This referral program will be implemented on the other two exchanges later.


  • Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong will continue its application for SFC Sandbox to become a licensed crypto-exchange in Hong Kong. 


  • To be confirmed.

Wowoo Exchange Hong Kong noted that it, along with the other Wowoo entities, will work to boost the brand awareness of Wowoo Exchange to expand their community and prove their value to WWX holders.