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MyCryptoHeroes Team Discloses Plans for Ecosystem, Land Improvements

by Monica Padillo

The MyCryptoHeroes team has disclosed the improvements that it plans to implement in the blockchain game to address concerns voiced out by players regarding the current MCH ecosystem.

According to the blog post, my MCH team initially plans to enhance the game’s time zones and tournament structure, add burning extensions, develop regular nodes with the deep node design, and improve the current TOKU system.

TOKU is the game’s loyalty program that rewards players for accumulating Crypto Energy during Seasons.

The MCH team noted that its legal team will have to review the idea of burning original extensions as it is considered gambling in Japan.

In addition to the ecosystem improvement plans, the blockchain game developers also intend to enable owners of Land, the country in the MCH world, to create their own game nodes and events.

The MCH team will potentially assign future rewards to come from lands where players can reinvest their earnings into community events as a way of maintaining a sustainable ecosystem within the game.

Land asset holders will also possibly be given more control and financial impact by the second of the year.

RimoP, producer of MyCryptoHeroes, touches on this, saying that the MCH team will assign some MCH management rights to Lands to implement sustainable operations.

RimoP added:

We will deploy our engineering resources to build the necessary functions within the appropriate timing. We continue to develop the game utilizing MCH’s uniqueness (= Ecosystem including Farmer, Warrior, Merchant, and Artist).

At the same time, under the intensifying future competition of other blockchain games, we will develop a home (game) for our asset holders, so that players can come back anytime with a feeling relief. We continue to stabilize the systems, improve functions, develop new features, and adjust the game balance. 

My Crypto Heroes is a HTML5 worker-placement role-playing DApp game that lets players collect and train characters, which are based on historical figures in real life such as Joan of Arc, Albert Einstein, Marie Antoinette, and Karl Marx.

Players can also obtain special and legendary items, form teams, and join battles to conquer the crypto world.

My Crypto Heroes is developed by Japanese blockchain gaming company Double jump.tokyo.