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Splinterlands Rolls out Alpha Version of Mobile Web App

by Monica Padillo

Splinterlands, a fantasy-themed digital collectible multiplayer card blockchain game, has rolled out the Alpha version of its mobile application after eight months of development.

According to the announcement, players can now play the blockchain game wherever they go, but they are not exempt from some bugs since the app is in its early stage.

Splinterlands warned:

We have been testing for the past couple of weeks and have tried to fix as many bugs as possible, but the reality is that we can never catch everything. It is possible that a bug may cause you to “flee” a battle, or other things that may negatively impact your rating and/or rewards. By using the mobile app at this early stage, you are acknowledging these risks.

The Alpha version of the game’s mobile app also does not currently support signing transactions with the active key, so players will still not be able to transfer and combine cards and open packs.

The game is initially rolled out as a mobile web app to make it possible to add web sites as an app on the home screen of both iOS and Android devices.

The app will soon host a number of features such as a shop, tournament events, guilds, and the loot chest system.

As it continues to make improvements for the mobile app, Splinterlands will be temporarily removing the tournament quest so that players can still finish their quest without getting stuck while the tournaments are implemented in the app.