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Enjin Platform Goes Live on Ethereum Mainnet

by Monica Padillo

Blockchain gaming community platform Enjin has rolled out its all-in-one blockchain development Enjin Platform on the Ethereum Mainnet.

According to the announcement, the platform is designed to help blockchain developers create, mint, and manage their own virtual assets that they can integrate with their games and apps.

Through the Enjin Platform, developers can set the values, such as the name, images, transfer fee types, and starting supply, of their assets. However, they cannot deploy the assets to the blockchain.

Developers can also choose from two types of blockchain asset data: on-chain data, which involves the asset name, type or ENJ value per asset, or off-chain data, which includes the asset images and description.

Enjin noted that ENJ per asset, asset type, supply model and melt value are on-chain variables that cannot be modified once the item is created.

Additionally, the starting supply value that developers will pick while developing their assets will be their initial minting budget to ensure that there is ENJ to mint with and a soft cap on the number of assets they can mint.

Enjin said:

Now that the Platform is public and the floodgates have opened, we’re beyond excited to see blockchain-powered innovations in game design and storytelling that talented pioneers across the world come up with.

To celebrate the launch of the Enjin Platform, Enjin will be giving away more than 5,000 ERC-1155 assets, such as Frozen ENJ and multiverse items, that are backed by over 50,000 ENJ.

Interested participants can complete some or all actions or retweet, follow, subscribe, upvote, and share about Enjin to their friends to collect points. The higher the points, the higher the possibility of winning one of the main prizes.

The giveaway will run until March 18, with the announcement of the winners scheduled on March 23.