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Decentraland Unveils DAO Prior to Official Public Launch

by Monica Padillo

Decentraland, a blockchain-based virtual reality platform, has unveiled its own decentralized autonomous organization or DAO a day before its official public launch.

According to the announcement, the Decentraland DAO will handle the smart contracts of the Ethereum-based platform such as the contracts for LANDs and Estates, wearables, and the marketplace.

The DAO will also enable users to participate in the governance of Decentraland such as voting on policy updates, future LAND auctions, and whitelisting of non-fungible token contracts that will be allowed inside the platform’s world, builder, and marketplace features.

The voting system will be conducted on the Decentraland DAO’s Aragon-backed governance interface.

The introduction of the DAO is part of Decentraland’s public official launch, which is scheduled to occur on Feb. 20.

The launch will also show the full decentralization of the world’s infrastructure and give users complete access to Decentraland’s metaverse.

Decentraland recently introduced a new marketplace where users can avail new NFTs such as wearables and avatar names aside from LANDs and Estates.

Additionally, about two weeks ago, the Decentraland team performed various modifications to the Ethereum-based virtual reality platform.

They worked on implementing player onboarding and tutorial, real-time airdrops of tokens, and other features, as well as enhanced a couple of features such as allowing users to check other players’ profile and NFTs and go to a random parcel or a point of interest through /goto random and /goto magic chat commands.