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Decentraland Debuts Public Metaverse

by Monica Padillo

Decentraland, an Ethereum-based virtual reality game, has officially launched its metaverse to the public.

The announcement states that the blockchain gaming platform now allows users to personally develop interactive 3D scenes through the Decentraland SDK and Builder, as well as trade their digital assets such as their LANDs and their Avatar’s possessions in the Decentraland Marketplace.

In conjunction with the public release, Decentraland has kicked off a four-day Treasure Hunt, the objective of which is to find collectible non-fungible tokens and tokens from various crypto partners in the virtual world’s metropolis, Genesis City.

Decentraland will be giving away $100,000 worth of prizes (MANA, ANJ, and MATIC tokens, LANDs, CryptoKitties, Axies, an 1 HTC Exodus 1 crypto-phone, and thousands of decentraland wearablers of different rarities) to those who will participate in the Treasure Hunt.

Two days ago, Decentraland launched its own decentralized autonomous organization or DAO. It is responsible for the smart contracts of the Ethereum-based platform such as the contracts for LANDs and Estates, wearables, and the marketplace.

The DAO will also enable users to access its Aragon-backed governance interface, where they can vote on policy updates, future LAND auctions, and whitelisting of non-fungible token contracts that will be allowed inside the platform’s world, builder, and marketplace features, among other things.