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Axie Infinity Runs Exclusive NFT Quest With Kyber Network

by Monica Padillo

Axie Infinity, a fantasy-themed blockchain game, has teamed up with Kyber Network to run an exclusive non-fungible token quest.

According to the announcement, players are required to have at least 50 KNC until March 22, which is when the quest is set to end, to be qualified to claim a Kyber Ancient Stone.

The exclusive Kyber Network land item is designed to help reduce resource harvesting time by 2 percent on plots it is placed on.

The partnership is part of Axie Infinity and Kyber’s effort to solidify their belief that decentralized finance and gaming can bring give users several benefits that are unique to legacy financial and gaming systems.

The team behind the DApp game noted that gaming can help encourage users to explore and experience the crypto ecosystem.

They added:

We invite our community to research concepts like decentralized liquidity and decentralized exchanges now that we’ve introduced them to our friends at Kyber. We’d also like to formally invite the Kyber community to start playing the Axie Infinity Alpha!

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game that is similar to Pokemon. Players of the game can acquire, raise, and collect fantasy creatures called Axies and battle with other players in the digital pet universe.