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F1 Delta Time Kicks Off First Crate Sale

by Monica Padillo

F1 Delta Time, an upcoming car racing blockchain game by Animoca Brands, has officially launched its crate sale.

According to the announcement, the sale features four kinds of ERC-20 standard crates, each of which contain various non-fungible token collectibles that can be used within the DApp game such as cars, drivers, components and gear from the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship season. 

There will be 2,500 Common tier crates, 2000 Rare tier crates, 1,500 Epic tier crates, and 500 Legendary tier crates, the contents of which are as follows:

  • Common tier crate – four Common and one Rare collectibles
  • Rare tier crate – two Common and three Rare collectibles
  • Epic tier crate – three Common, one Rare, and one Epic collectibles
  • Legendary crate – three Common, one Rare, and one Legendary collectibles

As a treat for early bird buyers, F1 Delta Time is implementing a 10 percent discount on all the crates for the first week of the sale. Players are also eligible for a 5 percent discount in every fifth crate that they will purchase from the same tier.

Users will be able to earn 2.5 percent from their crate purchases by sharing referral links as well.

Lastly, players will have the chance to win one of the three remaining Chinese Guardian cars. The cars are of Apex tier, which is the highest rarity tier in F1 Delta Time.

Each Chinese Guardian car will be made available after a certain sale milestone. For example, the first car will be unlocked at 2,000 crates sold, the second at 4,000, and the third when all of the crates are sold.

Players need only to own Car Tickets, which are included in every crate purchased, to have the chance to win a Chinese Guardian car.

F1 Delta Time sold its first Chinese Guardian car, the Azure Dragon car, to a player named ogasahara for 91 ETH.

The blockchain game’s first crate sale will end on March 9.