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The Sandbox Teams up With Upcoming MMORPG Ember Sword

by Monica Padillo

The Sandbox has dedicated an ESTATE in its platform for upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing blockchain game Ember Sword as part of their newly formed partnership.

According to the announcement, The Sandbox and So Couch Studios teamed up based on the belief that they have similar interests in fostering their players and gaming community.

The blockchain-based gaming platform said:

The idea of creating and being part of a big community that is involved in building up the game’s ecosystem is what animates both our studios. From there, a partnership was born.

Ember Sword is a sandbox MMORPG game that promises to reward players with on-chain items for participating in player vs. player and player vs. environment gameplays.

It aims to offer players a classless combat system, massive open world, crafting and trading skills, and thrilling combat.

Photo: The Sandbox

The Sandbox has previously solidified collaborations with other gaming studios such as CryptoWars developer Experimental to jointly promote blockchain to mainstream players.

The partnership comes nine months after Animoca Brands, the parent company of The Sandbox developer Pixowl, participated in Experimental’s seed round of funding and agreed with the CryptoWars developer to promote each other on their respective platforms.

The partnership also includes jointly launching CryptoWars in Asia, distributing Experimental’s products, and tackling Asian markets and gaming.

The Sandbox recently concluded its second pre-sale round, all of its 6,192 LANDs to 418 unique users and accumulating more than 850 ETH or $239,000 of earnings.

The platform boasted that around 90 percent of the LANDs were already sold, generating a total of 667 ETH or almost $188,000, in just under an hour since the second pre-sale was launched.