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Decentral Games Puts First Batch of Themed NFTs for Sale

by Monica Padillo

Decentral Games, a platform for 3D multiplayer games in blockchain-based virtual reality game Decentraland, has put up its first batch of themed non-fungible tokens for sale.

According to the announcement, Decentral Games is selling over on OpenSea nine Decentral Games Cars for two of its casinos, five cars on display in Chateau Satoshi and four in Serenity Island.

Decentral Games noted that each of the NFT cars are designed with different properties such as color, make, model, unique license plate number, and permit, which lists which casino the cars will be displayed and put on sale with the owner’s consent.

Owners will also be given the opportunity to customize the vanity plate of their cars.

Decentraland officially debuted its metaverse to the public on Feb. 21, allowing users to personally develop interactive 3D scenes through the Decentraland SDK and Builder, as well as trade their digital assets such as their LANDs and their Avatar’s possessions in the Decentraland Marketplace.

The blockchain gaming platform held a Treasure Hunt where rewards such as MANA, ANJ, and MATIC tokens, wearables, CryptoKitties, Axies, LANDs, and HTC Exodus 1 phones were given to more than 6,000 users.

Feature photo from Decentral Games