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The Sandbox to Develop Mobile-Friendly Platform With Opera

by Monica Padillo

The Sandbox will begin developing a mobile-friendly variant of its platform for its users in partnership with web browser Opera.

The blockchain gaming platform said via Medium that the planned interface will be programmed to allow users to easily access The Sandbox’s map, as well as their own digital assets and LANDs.

The Sandbox noted:

One of our plans is to have users be able to interact with The Sandbox thanks to Opera’s technology. Together, we will work towards building a better blockchain service with smoother and faster transactions.

Also under their agreement, Opera will expand its list of featured DApps in its DApp store to include The Sandbox.

Photo: The Sandbox

The Sandbox has been ramping up its partnerships since the start of the year, the latest being with So Couch Studios, the video game development company behind upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing blockchain game Ember Sword.

They decided to collaborate based on the belief that they have similar interests in fostering their players and gaming community.

Opera started becoming popular in the blockchain space back in December 2018 when it released a browser integrated with an easy-to-use crypto wallet and programmed to support Web 3 and Ethereum DApps.

Opera also teamed up with TRON in May 2019, with the former agreeing to support the latter’s TRX and other TRC-standard tokens.

TRON explained that the integration of its tokens within Opera’s crypto wallet allows the browser’s users to seamlessly access TRON games and DApps.

Feature photo from The Sandbox