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DappRadar: Rewards Systems, Jackpot Events Help Gambling DApps Retain Users

by Monica Padillo

DappRadar has discovered in its recently published analysis report that dividends, airdrops, and prize jackpots contribute to the high user retention rate and long term success of gambling DApps.

The DApp data provider explained that, among DApps running on TRON, EOS, and Ethereum, TRON maintained its title as the “Las Vegas on the blockchain” due to the increasing number of new DApps being launched on its platform, as well as its good-performing DApps such as 888TRON, Wink, and RocketGame.

888TRON, in particular, retained wallets by issuing its 888Token to encourage players to spend TRX and freeze tokens to gain rewards, as well as organizing regular jackpot special events to drive higher payouts.

From a monthly retention rate of 19 percent in July, 888TRON’s monthly retention rate reached above 75 percent by the end of 2019.

Another TRON gambling DApp that showed a steady monthly retention rate was RocketGame. By rolling out various engagement tactics such as daily tasks, challenges, and leaderboards, the DApp sustained at least 3,500 monthly active wallets in 2019.

Meanwhile, despite employing user retention techniques, some EOS gambling DApps such as BigGame and Dice were not able to retain many wallets by the end of 2019 due to the network’s congestion issue.

DappRadar, however, cited that the amount of value spent on EOS gambling DApps remained “solid” at around $4 million worth of the EOS cryptocurrency and EOS-based tokens daily in the past year, similar to TRON.

Lastly, gambling DApps on Ethereum were seen to have simpler features, compared to those on TRON and EOS, because of the limitation that the blockchain’s proof-of-work consensus model imposes.

Despite the difficulty of keeping sustainable complex economics and avoiding exploitation, DappRadar said that gambling DApps can overcome such problems by looking into what 888TRON did to retain users.