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0xGames Integrates Support for NEO Into 0xRacers

by Monica Padillo

Blockchain game development studio 0xGames has integrated the NEO blockchain into 0xRacers to help the 3D car racing game implement more cross-interplay and gain more players.

According to a report from Cointelegraph, NEO joins 0xGames’ list of 0xRacers blockchain platform partners, which includes Ethereum, TRON, WAX, and EOS.

To celebrate the NEO integration, 0xGamers has begun offering a limited 50 percent discount for NEO-based non-fungible tokens in 0xRacers until April 1.

Photo: 0xRacers

NEO News Today also noted that the integration will allow 0xRacers players to purchase, sell or trade various in-game assets such as racing vehicles, car parts, and tuning packages that are of NEP-11 NFT standard.

Denis Suslov, associate manager for ecosystem growth at NEO, said that the integration with 0xRacers is part of the blockchain platform’s effort in bringing more video games to NEO users since summer of 2019.

He added: 

The launch of games that are not only fun and look cool, but also make the full use of blockchain (with payments and NFTs) further activates the NEO ecosystem and proves the potential of the tech in the game industry.

0xGames is also implementing its multichain initiative with its skill-based DApp game 0xWarriors.

Last December, 0xGames began supporting NEO for 0xWarrios, expanding the game’s range of blockchain partners, which consists of Ethereum, EOS, and TRON.

Feature photo from 0xRacers