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Maker Introduces New Gaming Initiative to Further Market DAI

by Monica Padillo

The Maker Foundation has introduced a new initiative that aims to further market the DAI stablecoin worldwide through the blockchain gaming industry.

According to the announcement, Maker launched the Dai Gaming Initiative to help game developers organically grow value with their user engagement using DAI.

Some benefits that DAI could potentially provide include supporting developers in the development of complex financial mechanisms without financial intermediaries and signatures, in the implementation of various game models such as play-to-earn, and in the enforcement of DAI transactions.

Maker added that DAI could help encourage gamers to play with more passion, as well as allow developers to enhance game experiences using the stablecoin’s ecosystem of live integrations, which include decentralized finance, fiat gateways, and marketplace projects.

Furthermore, the DAI developer noted that it is possible for traditional games to boost their economic complexity to balance incentives with player behaviors.

To address this matter, Maker said:  

DAI is ready and waiting to facilitate a deeper level of economic activity in the new worlds of traditional games as well as blockchain games.

Several blockchain-based games have already integrated DAI into systems. These games include Axie Infinity, Forgotten Artifacts, Crypto Wars, Marble Cards, SkyWeaver, and the Sandbox.

Maker has also introduced the Dai Gaming Initiative’s Bounty Program, which intends to incentivize blockchain game developers that use DAI for rewards. The biggest prize of the program is 5,000 DAI for one developer with the best DSR integration.

The rest of the prizes include 2,500 DAI for a developer with the best player vs. player experience, 2,500 DAI for the best player vs. environment experience, and 1,500 for the best usage of DAI.

Feature photo from Maker