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The Sandbox to Hold Third LAND Pre-Sale on March 31

by Monica Padillo

The Sandbox will be selling a total of 12,384 LAND parcels at a 20 percent discount in its third round of LAND pre-sale on March 31.

According to the announcement, this upcoming pre-sale will include more total estates as requested by the blockchain gaming platform’s community based on the previous pre-sale rounds.

Therefore, there will be 2,538 individual LAND parcels, 750 3×3 Estates, 50 6×6 Estates, five 12×12 Estates, and one 24×24 Estate. The Sandbox will then distribute 10 percent of the reserved LAND parcels as giveaways to its community.

In conjunction with the third pre-sale round, the Sandbox will be rolling out a couple of new features in its marketplace such as LAND coordinates, the ability to edit Estate information, a referral system, a new ME profile, and a Google 3D viewer.

The blockchain-based voxel art development platform held its previous pre-sale in February, selling 6,192 LANDs to 418 unique users and garnering more than 850 ETH or $239,000 of earnings.

Around 90 percent of the LANDs were already sold, generating a total of 667 ETH or almost $188,000, in just under an hour since the second pre-sale was launched.

The Sandbox expects to see this kind of turn out in its third pre-sale round.

The LANDs offered during the second pre-sale represented 5 percent total parcels available for sale on The Sandbox map.

Feature photo from The Sandbox