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Good Luck 3 Debuts New Battle-Royale Style Game BombStars

by Monica Padillo

Japan-based game developer Good Luck 3 has debuted a new blockchain-based game, BombStars, that enables the importation of non-fungible tokens from other games.

According to the announcement, players can integrate their ERC-721 standard NFTs from other DApp games into BombStars and fight in a battle royale-style match against other players.

The blockchain games that BombStars currently supports include Good Luck 3’s Crypt-Oink, CryptoGames’ CryptoSpells, AXEL MARK’s Contract Servant, DapperLabs’ CryptoKitties, and Chibi Fighters 2.0.

Good Luck 3 is currently considering onboarding other blockchain games into BombStars.

In BombStars, players can place bombs in a virtual world while avoiding enemies, gain power-ups, and race for coins with the end goal of being the last player standing.

Users can also upgrade their characters, bombs, and blast effects by purchasing in-game skins.

Photo: John Wolff (Game Producer and Blockchain Game Researcher)

The blockchain game is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Good Luck 3 is the developer behind Crypt-Oink, an Ethereum-based simulation DApp game that allows players to collect, breed, and train their own 3D animated pigs called Cryptons, which are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens that take on different shapes, colors, and patterns.

The launch of BombStars is part of Crypt-Oink’s plans for 2020, which also includes the integration of RAKUN VIP into the game to enable players with new RAKU tokens to receive special Crypton, in-game items and courses.

Feature photo from John Wolff