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F1 Delta Time Generates Over $364K in First Crate Sale

by Monica Padillo

Animoca Brands has disclosed that its upcoming car racing blockchain game F1 Delta Time sold 2,375 out of 6,500 crates in its first crate sale, generating more than $364,000.

According to the announcement, the DApp game sold 678 Common tier crates, 517 Rare tier crates, 706 Epic tier crates, and 474 Legendary tier crates.

The remaining 4,125 crates were destroyed and will never be made for purchase again.

Each of the crates contained a random combination of F1 Delta Time assets such as race cars, drivers, car components, driver gear, and tyres.

Since more than 2,000 crates were sold, F1 Delta Time unlocked its China Edition 2019 Vermillion Bird car, which will be given to a user through a lucky draw on March 19.

The virtual car is one of the Apex-tier “Four Guardians” cars in the world of F1 Delta Time. The remaining two cars in the collection, the “White Tiger” and “Black Tortoise”, were destroyed and will no longer be available to the public.

The car racing game sold its first Chinese Guardian car, the Azure Dragon car, to a player named ogasahara for 91 ETH.

Additionally, Animoca Brands explained that F1 Delta Time players can stake their cars to earn REV, which is the primary currency in the blockchain game.

The game developer said:

When you choose to Stake your car, you temporarily transfer ownership to F1 Delta Time and lose the ability to use, race or trade that car, but you will earn REV based on the period of time that your car is Staked.

F1 Delta Time held its first crate sale from Feb. 26 to March 9.

Feature photo from Animoca Brands