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F1 Delta Time Prepares for Time Trial Mode

by Monica Padillo

F1 Delta Time will be launching its Time Trial mode within the month, enabling players to test the speed of their cars and drivers on real F1 circuits.

According to the announcement, the blockchain game will rotate circuits, one circuit per day, ever 24 hours.

Players can access the first two Time Trial sessions of each day for free but will be required to pay for the succeeding sessions in ETH and eventually in REV, the game’s primary currency.

F1 Delta Time noted that the fastest lap players can achieve on each daily circuit will be used to tabulate their score at the end of the week. The top players in the leaderboard will be rewarded with ETH, REV or non-fungible tokens.

Players are also advised to use the right tyres to accommodate elements as “Mother nature” will be present on every race day to spice things up in the game.

Regarding the computation of scores, the DApp game explained:

Each circuit applies a multiplier to the sums of each category of stat points at the time of the race. 

For example, a circuit which demands a high level of Grip might have a Grip multiplier of 1.0, while a circuit with another focus — like Acceleration — might have a multiplier of 0.60.

If a player enters a race on the former circuit with a pre-race Grip of 100 then they would benefit from the entire Grip value at race time, while on the latter circuit their 100 Grip would translate to 60 Grip. 

F1 Delta Time suggested players to familiarize themselves with the circuits in order for them to individually handle them.

The car racing blockchain game recently concluded its first crate sale, selling 2,375 out of 6,500 crates and generating more than $364,000.

Photo: Animoca Brands

Since more than 2,000 crates were sold, F1 Delta Time unlocked its China Edition 2019 Vermillion Bird car, which will be given to a user through a lucky draw on March 19.

The virtual car is one of the Apex-tier “Four Guardians” cars in the world of F1 Delta Time. The remaining two cars in the collection, the “White Tiger” and “Black Tortoise”, were destroyed and will no longer be available to the public.

The car racing game sold its first Chinese Guardian car, the Azure Dragon car, to a player named ogasahara for 91 ETH.

Feature photo from F1 Delta Time