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MegaCryptoPolis Launches Dragon Pet Giveaway Prior to TRON Launch

by Monica Padillo

MegaCryptoPolis will be giving out 10 exclusive Dragon Pets to celebrate the blockchain game’s launch in the TRON blockchain on March 25.

According to the announcement, MegaCryptoPolis players need to acquire an MCP3D TRON Pack from March 18 to March 23 for a chance to win an exclusive Red Dragon Pet with the top +7 Points bonus to a Citizen’s qualification when paired.

The TRON packs and their multiplier are the following:

  • Urban Pack — X1
  • Mayor Pack — X2
  • Federal Pack — X5

The blockchain game noted that players will have a higher chance of winning a Dragon Pet when they purchase an extra TRON pack.

The Dragon Pet is one of the collectible non-fungible tokens in the MegaCryptoPolis universe. Players pair their Citizen with a Pet to boost their Citizen’s qualification. 

There will only be 10 Dragons to ever exist in MegaCryptoPolis.

Pets can only be acquired through special events and promotions.

MegaCryptoPolis’ expansion to TRON is part of the blockchain game’s Multi-Chain expansion plan, which was unveiled in July 2019.

The TRON version of the game will possibly allow players to use TRX to trade game assets, pay citizens, avail services in Commercial buildings, and offer an insurance fund for cases of natural disasters.

Feature photo from MegaCryptoPolis