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9 Lives Arena Rolls Out New Alpha Update With Enjin Wallet Integration

by Monica Padillo

Blockchain-based role playing game 9 Lives Arena has rolled out its latest alpha development update, which includes Enjin Wallet integration.

According to a report by Nederob, integrating the Enjin Wallet into the game will allow players to develop digital items from in-game resources, as well as utilize acquired weapons and gear.

The integration will also enable players to purchase and sell digital items through the open market using ENJ such as a Viking Helmer, which costs 50 ENJ, and a Molten Core sword, which costs 35,000 ENJ.

Nederob also noted that 9 Lives Arena is one of the first blockchain games to integrate Enjin in its system.

Photo: Enjin

Enjin recently launched its Enjin Multiverse Program as a way of further supporting blockchain game developers in the development and marketing aspects.

The program is open to game developers and projects that are enthusiastic in engaging in collaborative efforts with Multiverse projects such as developing cross-game quests or supporting each other through social media.

The Enjin Multiverse Program will also mostly aid game developers that are in the early stages of their game development process. 

Enjin explained that it will consider supporting well-written, completed game design documents, playable prototypes, alpha/beta builds with credible functionality, user experience, gameplay, mechanics, and art direction, and games in post-production stages.

DApp game developers will be able to access a selection of Multiverse assets and a free one-year Enjin Platform Pro Plan subscription, as well as join the Enjin Adopter Slack organization if they get recruited into the program.

Feature photo from 9 Lives Arena Closed Alpha 0.4 Gameplay Footage