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The Sandbox to Enhance Ecosystem Under Partnership With Matic Network

by Monica Padillo

The Sandbox has teamed up with Matic Network to speed up transactions and scalability and enhance the blockchain-based gaming platform’s UI/UX experience for its community.

According to the announcement, The Sandbox and Matic will also coordinate in improving decentralized exchanges.

Under the partnership, The Sandbox dedicated a LAND for Matic during the second round of the blockchain gaming platform’s LAND pre-sale, which saw 6,192 sold LANDs and generated more than 850 ETH or $239,000 of earnings.

Matic will use its staked LAND to educate its community about non-fungible tokens and DApps.

The Sandbox said:

This will be the occasion for our communities to familiarize with another side of their project and meet up in their exclusive LAND.

Photo: The Sandbox

Following the success of its second LAND pre-sale round, the Sandbox will be holding its third LAND pre-sale round on March 31.

The upcoming pre-sale will feature a total of 12,384 LAND parcels, which will be sold at a 20 percent discount, as well as more total estates as requested by the blockchain gaming platform’s community.

In conjunction with the third pre-sale round, the Sandbox will roll out some new features in its marketplace such as LAND coordinates, the ability to edit Estate information, a referral system, a new ME profile, and a Google 3D viewer.

Photo: The Sandbox

In other news, the Sandbox reportedly reached $2.01 million in cash and cryptocurrency, which will be used to build out its blockchain gaming ecosystem.

VentureBeat disclosed that the Sandbox raised the money as TSB Gaming, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, in the third quarter of 2019. Some of its investors included Square Enix, B Cryptos, and True Global Ventures.

TSB Gaming CEO Arthur Madrid also noted that the company will continue to earn funds in equity as well as in cryptocurrency token sales that can be integrated into the Sandbox.

Feature photo from The Sandbox