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F1 Delta Time Sells Australia Edition 2020 for 51 ETH in Charity Auction

by Monica Padillo

F1 Delta Time has sold its Australia Edition 2020 digital race car to a user named Luko through an auction intended to support support efforts for Australia’s bushfire recovery.

The car racing blockchain game said on Twitter that it sold the car for a winning bid of 51 ETH.

According to a report by BlockchainGamerBiz, all of the proceeds from the auction will be equally split between the NSW Rural Fire Service Association, NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc., and Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

The Australia Edition 2020 race car belongs to the Apex tier, which is the highest rarity tier in F1 Delta Time.

The car’s design is inspired by Aboriginal Australian art. It features two kangaroos, which is the animal symbol of Australia.

In other news, F1 Delta Time announced that it will be launching its Time Trial mode within the month, enabling players to test the speed of their cars and drivers on real F1 circuits.

The blockchain game will rotate circuits, one circuit per day, ever 24 hours.

It will also give users access to the first two Time Trial sessions of each day for free but require them to pay for the succeeding sessions in ETH and eventually in REV, the game’s primary currency.

The fastest lap players can achieve on each daily circuit will be used to tabulate their score at the end of the week. 

The top players in the leaderboard will be rewarded with ETH, REV or non-fungible tokens.

Feature photo from F1 Delta Time