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Forte Partners With 5 Game Developers to Boost Blockchain Adoption

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Forte has partnered with five video game developers to enhance gaming experiences and boost the adoption of blockchain technology.

According to the announcement, Forte’s new partners include Hi-Rez Studios, Netmarble, Magmic, nWay, and DECA Games

They join Forte’s initial batch of partners, which includes Disruptor Beam, Other Ocean, and Kongregate.

The blockchain-based gaming platform described its new partners as developers that have an “intimate” understanding of using cutting-edge technologies to create outstanding game experiences for their player communities.

Forte added:

As experts of their craft, they will elevate modern games from pure entertainment experiences, to ones that will take on a new relevance in players’ lives through community economics. 

Photo: Forte

The partnerships are part of a Forte and Ripple’s Xpring cryptocurrency platform’s $100 million investment in game developers that develop blockchain-based video games.

The investment is paired with Forte’s offerings and open-source products it developed with Ripple in an effort to promote the adoption of blockchain in the gaming industry.

Under the initiative, the partner companies will take advantage of Forte’s platform to integrate blockchain technology into their games, consequently boosting their business and engagement with players.

Brett Seyler, founder and chief platform officer at Forte, noted that the gaming industry gains $140 million from digital microtransactions, which can earn great benefits from blockchain technology.

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